git - Cannot push any files due to refspec issue while trying to upload ...

Cannot push any files due to refspec issue while trying to upload problems to GitHub [duplicate] Ask Question ... git push -u origin main; Output: ... I tried doing this with a personal access token as well for sometime as a password but that was invalid as well. Below are also logs of my previous commmits.

Git - The Refspec

This is just the default refspec for git fetch for that remote. If you want to do a one-time only fetch, you can specify the specific refspec on the command line, too. To pull the master branch on the remote down to origin/mymaster locally, you can run: $ git fetch origin master:refs/remotes/origin/mymaster You can also specify multiple refspecs.

Git - The Refspec

You can also use the refspec to delete references from the remote server by running something like this: $ git push origin :topic Because the refspec is <src>:<dst>, by leaving off the <src> part, this basically says to make the topic branch on the remote nothing, which deletes it. Or you can use the newer syntax (available since Git v1.7.0):

Git src refspec master does not match any Solution

The workflow for pushing a change to a repository looks like this: Change a file Add the file to the staging area Create a commit Once you have created a commit, you can push it to a remote server. If you forget the third step and try to push your code to a remote server, Git will raise an error.

'fatal: Invalid refspec' error when using glob refspecs #103 - GitHub

I work in a repo with hundreds of very active contributors and thousands of branches. In order to speed up fetches, I have my .git/config only fetch master branches and those that match start with my username.git/config:

[Solved] Git push command, error encountered -fatal: invalid refspec

Git push command, error encountered -fatal: invalid refspec 'https://github.......git' 16,265 You should "git remote add" origin, not master: git remote add origin https://... git remote remove master git push -u origin master 16,265 Related videos on Youtube 02 : 58 : 30 Adding Function Arguments to My Language Tsoding Daily 844 01 : 14 : 11

GitPython - fatal: invalid refspec : r/git - reddit

GitPython - fatal: invalid refspec Cool, first issue I haven't found a solution for by googling. Here goes: I am working on a script that reads a config, gets a list of projects, which have remote repos, which have branches. I am trying to automatically pull them all using GitPython. For this, I use:

Git Cookbook – The meaning of refs and refspecs

Now that we know all about refs, there's one last trick to know: the refspec. With refspecs you tell git what to push/fetch where and how to map local refs to remote refs and vice versa. When you clone a repository git sets up the default refspec, you can see it in .git/config in the repository:

[Solved] Git remote command returns fatal: Invalid refspec

Git remote command returns fatal: Invalid refspec +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/:origin/* git github 20,707 You can fix it with a: git config remote.origin.fetch refs/heads/* :refs/remotes/origin/* (removing the : in :origin) 20,707 Author by Ricardo Fornes Updated on August 09, 2021

The Problem With ‘src refspec does not match any’ | Baeldung

$ ls .git/refs/heads . This command should show us an empty folder. Thus, as in the previous example, we're trying to push a branch that doesn't exist. A single commit will fix the problem. It will create a branch and make it possible to push the changes: $ git commit -m "first commit" $ git push -u origin master 6. Conclusion
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