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Best Careers for ISTPs. ISTPs are fiercely practical and independent. They are likely to excel in careers where they can use their manual skills to build and create things. Such careers include ones in carpentry or as a chef. The ISTP typically prefers a relaxed and independent approach to career direction, where they can have plenty of alone time.

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Learn about the best careers for ISTP personality types. ISTPs often enjoy working alone, pay close attention to detail, and embrace practical thinking. ... Applicants with military backgrounds might fare better than others in the competition for jobs. According to the BLS, these professionals make a median annual salary of $122,990. ...

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Introversion, sensing, thinking, and perceiving are the four words that make up ISTP—one of the 16 psychological types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. ISTPs account for about five percent of the population. These natural "makers" love to explore with their hands and their eyes—taking on one project after another and learning ...

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Optimal ISTP career options enable them to build something concrete, which is where they gain the most satisfaction. ISTPs also thrive on variety and unpredictability. Engineer. Engineering represents the best careers for ISTPs because they are naturally capable of grasping the inner workings of complex systems.

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In addition to strength, weaknesses will also define the ISTP career choices. Weaknesses which are generally found in people with ISTP personality types are that: ... They will mostly get it easy to do the job themselves rather than explaining to others which can be enormously challenging for them to attempt to delight.

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The ISTP personality is one of the most adaptable personality types, and that flexibility is one of their greatest advantages. However, their occupation must be chosen based on their strengths and take into account their weaknesses. Because when an ISTP is dissatisfied with their job, they can engage in irrational behavior.

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Virtuoso Strengths. Optimistic and Energetic – Virtuosos are usually up to their elbows in some project or other. Cheerful and good-natured, people with the Virtuoso personality type (especially Assertive ones) rarely get stressed out, preferring to go with the flow. Creative and Practical – Virtuosos are very imaginative when it comes to ...

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2 ISTP Strengths and Weaknesses. 2.1 ISTP Pros; 2.2 ISTP Cons; 3 Best ISTP Personality Careers. 3.1 Best Career Matches for ISTP Types; 3.2 Highest Paying ISTP Careers; ... However, there is still a handful of callings within healthcare that could be perfect for an ISTP. Primarily, those jobs are within sports medicine and crisis response. Not ...

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INFP Weaknesses. Because ISTPs are very detail-oriented, and may have a difficult time thinking about big concepts or theories. They would much rather focus on realistic possibilities that are practical, rather than big ideas with limited practical importance. At times, it may be hard for ISTPs to see the “big picture,” or see too far into ...

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Weaknesses of an ISTP Personality. That stoicism and lack of emotional display that makes ISTP women so useful during a crisis also prove to be their undoing where more emotional vulnerability is called for. Here are six weaknesses of an ISTP personality: They are focused to a fault. When they are focused on one task, all else fades to ...
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