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Tiltify. Remote. $50,000 - $70,000 a year. Full-time. Weekend availability + 1. 2-4 years relevant experience as a manager, coordinator or moderator of online communities using Discord. Executing Tiltify’s strategy to build and support our…. Posted 30+ days ago ·.

Java Discord - Java Community on Discord

Java Discord - Java Community on Discord HELP. CODE. LEARN. With over 18,500 Members and 50,000 Messages sent each month, join one of the biggest Java Communities on Discord to help, get help and discuss programming in Java. Join 1,200+ active users¹ 18,500+ members 12,500+ messages each week² MEET QUESTION OF THE WEEK

Java Discord Bot Needs Bugs Fixed - Freelance Job in Web Development ...

$16.00-$35.00 Hourly Remote Job One-time project Project Type Skills and Expertise Java Node.js Bot Development Discord Bot Development Coinbase API + 2 more Activity on this job 10 to 15 Proposals 1 day ago Last viewed by client 1 Interviewing 0 Invites sent 0 Unanswered invites About the client Member since Feb 1, 2023 United States 2:43 pm

Discord Jobs (January 2023)

Remote Software Engineer Intern - Native Framework & Tools Discord Engineer Developer Remote Security Software Engineer Intern Discord Engineer Infosec Developer Remote Product Engineering Intern - Design Systems Discord Design Remote Product Engineering Intern - Revenue Infrastructure Discord Remote Product Engineering Intern - Messaging Discord

Top 20 Data Science Discord servers

Discord data science servers, artificial intelligence, machine learning, ai ... from solving multivariable calculus and making neural networks from scratch to rambling about how to get a job as a data scientists and how data scientists will be replaced by Machine learning in the coming decades. ... java, python, SQL, etc. Join the Planet: Code ...

Discord is hiring Software Engineer Intern - Native Framework & Tools ...

61 subscribers in the SFtechJobs community. Software engineer jobs in San Francisco, CA area. Post every hour. Find more on

Making a Basic Discord Bot with Java | by Oliy - Medium

Making a Basic Discord Bot with Java | by Oliy | Discord Bots | Medium Write Sign up 500 Apologies, but something went wrong on our end. Refresh the page, check Medium ’s site status, or find...

Java Discord Bot - Stack Overflow

JDABuilder jda = JDABuilder.create (token, GatewayIntent.GUILD_MESSAGES); and third, think is I see you using JDA, not JDABuilder which is wrong, I recommended you to check what version of JDA you use and use the last one! public void onMessageReceivedEvent (MessageReceivedEvent e).

Java Discord API(JDA) ep. 5 - Making Embeds(EmbedBuilder)

Java Discord API (JDA) ep. 5 - Making Embeds (EmbedBuilder) 19,060 views Premiered Nov 1, 2018 191 Dislike Save Kody Simpson 23.8K subscribers This episode is cool because I teach you how to...

Java Discord · GitHub

The second iteration of the general-purpose bot for managing the Java Discord server. Java 4 0 9 3 Updated Nov 24, 2021. QuestionOfTheWeek Public archive Questions and answers of the last QOTWs 4 1 0 0 Updated Oct 30, 2021. CommunityJam Public archive Repository to organize all community-jam entries.
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