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2 Answers Sorted by: 8 You can loop over the keys of the inner object so that doing so you can use Array.some () to get the match of the searched text. It will work for any number of keys of any name so you do not need to get depend on the keys name and surname.

javascript filter nested object based on key value

This just returns the unmodified nested object, even if I put value of filter to 1. does .filter work on nested objects or do I need to roll my own function here, advise and correct code appreciated. cjm

Quickly filter an object by keys - Code Review Stack Exchange

unfiltered || (!unfiltered && keys[key]) is redundant you can just do unfiltered || keys[key] You will run into false positives for any property set on Object.prototype such as "toString" or "valueOf" (for instance consider {valueOf: 1}). keys[key] is not a sufficent as it will miss any falsey value (NaN, null, false, 0, "", etc). You should use either the in operation or hasOwnProperty

JavaScript filter object type tutorial - Nathan Sebhastian

No matter which value you want to use to filter the object, you need to use a combination of Object.entries (), Array.filter () and Object.fromEntries () methods to perform the filtering. First, you need to transform the object type you have into an array using Object.entries () method. The method accepts an object parameter and transforms it ...

How to filter object depending on the field’s value in JavaScript

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Array.prototype.filter() - JavaScript | MDN - Mozilla

The filter () method is an iterative method. It calls a provided callbackFn function once for each element in an array, and constructs a new array of all the values for which callbackFn returns a truthy value. Array elements which do not pass the callbackFn test are not included in the new array. callbackFn is invoked only for array indexes ...

JavaScript Array.filter () Tutorial – How to Iterate Through Elements ...

The filter () method takes in a callback function and calls that function for every item it iterates over inside the target array. The callback function can take in the following parameters: currentItem: This is the element in the array which is currently being iterated over. index: This is the index position of the currentItem inside the array.

Object.fromEntries() - JavaScript | MDN - Mozilla

The Object.fromEntries() method takes a list of key-value pairs and returns a new object whose properties are given by those entries. The iterable argument is expected to be an object that implements an @@iterator method. The method returns an iterator object that produces two-element array-like objects. The first element is a value that will be used as a property key, and the second element ...

How to filter an object by key in JavaScript? - Poopcode

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How to Use JavaScript Array Filter() With Examples | Simplilearn

The syntax of array filter in JavaScript is: array.filter (callbackFn (item, index, array), thisArg) In the above syntax: CallbackFn: This is a required parameter that holds the callback function that is supposed to be implemented on each element. Item: It is a required parameter that holds the current element that is being processed.
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