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To fix the error, convert the given value to a string or array before calling the indexOf () method on it. Here is an example: const price = 23.5; const result = price.toString().indexOf('3'); console.log(result); // 1. In the example above, we used the toString () method on a value to convert the Number to a String before calling the indexOf ...

javascript Uncaught TypeError: .indexOf is not a function

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JavaScript indexOf() | Complete Guide to JavaScript indexOf ... - EDUCBA

JavaScript indexOf () method always works for the search operation. If the item is not found, it returns -1 value. The search will begin at the given position through the indexOf () method. Let suppose if we did not mention any start position then the search starts from the 0 th index. Like indexOf (“any value or string”,1 (position)).

.indexOf is not a function - Adobe Inc.

It may be a bit obscure, but Adobe makes the prototype for array.indexOf () available with a special targetengine in InDesign: #targetengine com.adobe.DesignLibraries.angular_Engine_Id. This targetengine can be found in InDesign CC 2015 and CC 2017 only. Other methods like array.lastIndexOf () seem to be not provided.

javascript - Why is .indexOf is not a function for array object ...

1. Even when it works you shouldn't use indexOf () as a boolean. It returns 0 if the item is found in the first element of the array, and this is falsey. Use includes () or indexOf () != -1.

Solved: Javascript indexOf problem - indexOf is not a function ...

Find answers to Javascript indexOf problem - indexOf is not a function from the expert community at Experts Exchange. Home Pricing Community Teams About Start Free ... asked on 3/27/2006 Javascript indexOf problem - indexOf is not a function. I wrote a javascript function, mostly using the w3 schools "tryit" editor, then I converted it to a ...

How to fix indexOf is not a function in JavaScript | LaptrinhX

When we use a indexOf() method on a value which is not an data type string or array we will get the following errors in our console. Example: const price = 23.5 ; price . indexOf ( '3' ) ;

indexOf is not a function - Javascript

That is (most likely) because indexOf is a method on string objects, and not on array objects. Aug 11 '05 # 2. Mick White. Shang Wenbin wrote: Hi, I use the following snip: myarray = new Array (2, 5, 9); var index = myarray.indexOf (2);

Array indexOf is not a function error message - JavaScript - The ...

Hi, I’m working on the Functional Programming: Refactor Global Variables Out of Functions challenge, and it keep warning me that list.indexOf is not a function, which I can’t figure out why. Please help and let me know if there’s any unclarity regarding my question. Your code so far // the global variable var bookList = ["The Hound of the Baskervilles", "On The Electrodynamics of Moving ...

"TypeError: obj.indexOf is not a function"エラーが出た時 | カバの樹

Vue.jsでindexOfを使っていると. Vue.jsでindexOfを使っていると割と頻繁に" TypeError: obj.indexOf is not a function "エラーに遭遇します。 大体の原因は、 型 が原因になっています。 indexOfは文字列にしか使えない. 私がindexOfで上記のエラーに遭遇する時は、indexOfの参照元を数字にしてしまっている時です。
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