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Jira Software supports any agile project management methodology for software development, such as: The ability to plan agile work from project backlog to sprints, Fully customizable Kanban and Scrum boards, The ability to estimate time for issues as you prioritize your backlog,

How to manage dark features in Jira | Jira | Atlassian Documentation

Solution, To manage dark features, access the following URL as a Jira administrator account: <BASE_URL>/secure/admin/SiteDarkFeatures!default.jspa, Enabling a Dark Feature, In order to enable a feature flag, type <feature_flag_name>.enabled in the Enable dark feature text area and click the Add button.

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Jira Work Management is the most configurable and customizable tool in the market today with granular control over security, privacy, and process. Global configuration Standardize the way your company works with global configuration settings, workflows, permissions, and automation rules that can be shared between projects and teams.

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Jira, the most popular bug tracking software, is widely being used among businesses to enable digital teams to manage, report, track, and resolve bugs. In addition, this cutting-edge software supports in agile project management and it allocates your team more time to make reliable software rather than struck with project management tasks.

DarkFeatures (Atlassian JIRA 7.6.1 API)

Dark Features enabled for all users, whether by system.property or site configuration. getAllEnabledFeatures public Set<String> getAllEnabledFeatures() isFeatureEnabled public boolean isFeatureEnabled(String featureKey)

Dark Features - Structure for Jira - Version 5.1 - ALM Works

Dark Features, Created by Eugene Sokhransky on Feb 03, 2017, Dark features are additional features or behavior modifications that are usually hidden from the user. However, JIRA administrator can turn them on for their instance. Alternative initial values for project/type when creating an issue in dialog,

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Estimate the scope of issues and keep a record of all works. Jira collects all tracked times even for sub issues. Jira records the required times and shows the estimated remaining time. Comments. Comment on issues with the Wiki Markup, to show Rich Text and images. Save Comments. Limit access to individual comments within an issue.

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Upgrading To Jira 8, Release Notes, Blog, Getting the most out of Service Desk, Dark Features, 5.6.8, You can enable dark features using either of these methods. Through system properties, This option is more suitable for someone that manages a large number of instances, as it is a method that can be automated to set these features on startup.

Advanced Configuration and Dark Features - Structure for Jira - Version ...

These dark features can be turned on for an instance by the Jira administrator. Setting Application Properties with the Structure Dark Features and Fine Tuning Interface. The easiest way to add and manage custom Structure properties and dark features is to use the Structure Dark Features and Fine Tuning interface.

Solved: Initiative/Features/Themes? - Atlassian Community

Jira Software is, at it's heart, an issue tracker. Actually, the core of the issue tracking really is just "I track issues" (and there's a bit of stuff allowing us to break the issues up with sub-tasks). Jira Software itself co-opts an issue type as Epic to give us that layer above Issue (stories) But that's it for the core products.
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