Show all active sprints on the dashboard - Atlassian

We want a to have a large screen display, in a common area, that shows a burn down chart for each active sprint. This chart would have to be updated automatically removing sprints completed and displaying new active sprints, all in one screen to keep monitoring it on a common area like stated before.

How to get all sprints in project using JIRA REST API

JIRA platform api can retrieve projects info and JIRA software API can retrieve sprints for a given board. But i need sprints for any given project (combination) or atleast boards for a given project so that i can retrieve sprints in those boards later

Getting an overview list of all sprint of a JIRA project - Atlassian

It will be a great feature to allow users to list overview of all sprint in a Jira project by clicking a button. Workaround . Currently, user needs to run a REST API to get the list of overview of all sprint inside a project ...

Jira REST API - Get All Sprints - YouTube

After fetching your boards you may want to fetch your sprints as well.#GetSprints #JiraRESTAPIJira Software Cloud REST API:https://developer.atlassian.com/cl...

How To Find Completed Sprints In Jira - YouTube

Add Widgets To Your Website :https://elfsight.com/?ref=ed9581ab-93fd-41e4-82bf-94a0f328cd59 ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎Build your website with Elementor ...

How to run parallel sprints for all types of Projects created in JIRA?

The Administrator of JIRA has enabled the Parallel Sprints option from Products > Settings Page. As per definition for this option, this should be globally applied to all the projects created in JIRA and not for any 1 or 2 projects. In current scenario, this option seems to be applicable for Project 1 only and not Project 2.

How to Create Sprint in Jira - Career Karma

Learning how to create a sprint in Jira requires planning and mastering its step-by-step process. 1. Create a Project. The first thing you need to do is go to Jira software. Then go to “Projects” and select the project you’ll be working on. In most cases, the product owner creates and plans the sprints.

Sprints table reference - Power BI Connector for Jira - Alpha Serve

Sprints table is designed to unload data about sprints and related data (number of issues, estimations, etc.). A specific list of fields that can be unloaded and their description are presented in the Table: This field is available for unloading on Jira versions 7.2.0 and higher.

Is it possible to pull a list of sprints in a project via the REST API ...

Thanks for logging as yes i thought the whole point of having the maxResults was to prevent calls returning large datasets, now you have to make multiple short calls until it hits isLast, which is fine for smaller users but we have 30 projects with over a thousand sprints in each project just in my value stream this is probably going to prove problematic.

Setting and tracking Sprint Goals in Jira - BigPicture.one

Navigate to your Sprint backlog and click on the 3 dots (…) on the right hand-site of your screen. Next, click on the Edit Sprint to name your current Jira Sprint Goal. Jira Backlog panel. You can see the Sprint Goal (“Customers can pay for the flight tickets with PayPal”) under the Sprint name (“CA Sprint 1”).
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