Solved: How can I view all open sprints across all project...

Create and save a filter for all open sprints - sprint in openSprints (). if you need/want to limit to certain projects then add a "projects in (a,b,c...)" to the query. Create a scrum or kanban board using the filter - Boards>view all boards>create board> using existing filter and enter your filter. Customize the board to meet your needs.

How to create and use sprints in Jira Software | Atlassian

Once you understand how sprints work, you can optimize your processes using automation. Here are three of the most common automation rules used for sprints in Jira. Send a weekly Slack message with all issues still open in the sprint. Go to rule. When a sprint finishes, then assign outstanding issues to the next sprint. Go to rule.

Get all sprints in a project - Atlassian Community

Jira Questions Get all sprints in a project Get all sprints in a project Vivian Escalante Feb 16, 2018 Hello, I'd like to get all the sprints (and then the issues in the sprint) for a project through a groovy script. Any idea on how to do this? Can I do a JQL? Watch Like 12277 views 2 answers 2 votes Yugank Bhatnagar Feb 16, 2018 try this JQL

How to get all sprints in project using JIRA REST API

JIRA platform api can retrieve projects info and JIRA software API can retrieve sprints for a given board. But i need sprints for any given project (combination) or atleast boards for a given project so that i can retrieve sprints in those boards later jira jira-rest-api jira-agile Share Improve this question Follow edited Jun 14, 2016 at 22:34

Advanced search reference - JQL fields | Jira Software Cloud ...

This works for active sprints and future sprints. The search is based on either the sprint name or the sprint ID (i.e. the number that Jira automatically allocates to a sprint). If you have multiple sprints with similar (or identical) names, you can simply search by using the sprint name — or even just part of it.

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Work in Jira Software Cloud agile projects Learn how to create, search, and work with issues in software projects, manage your profile, and more. Work in Jira Software Cloud team-managed projects Learn how to get started, enable features, and manage and administer team-managed projects. Plan and view cross-project work with Advanced Roadmaps

Is it possible to pull a list of sprints in a project via the REST API ...

Yes. You can get all sprints (for a board) using GET /rest/agile/1.0/board/ {boardId}/sprint. Notice the Jira Software-specific concepts (boards, epics, sprints, estimates) are in their own API separate from the base level Jira platform API. JonathanHayton November 22, 2021, 12:58pm #3

[JSWSERVER-6034] Velocity Chart should show all Sprints and not be ...

The updated chart will let you display up to 120 sprints in any chosen date range and will additionally include the average velocity calculated for the selected time period, extended data table and major visual upgrade. All that will be available to you soon in Jira 8.9. Thank you for your feedback and your patience!

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Job Description: We are looking for a talented and detail-oriented Jira/Confluence engineer to join our team. As a Jira Confluence Engineer, you will be responsible for carrying out a variety of engineering duties including designing, researching, prototyping, building new products and supporting existing products.

How to Use Sprints in Jira: The Complete 2023 Guide - iDalko

Sprints are the core unit of the agile scrum methodology and set the pace for the team’s entire workload. Jira, meanwhile – perhaps the most powerful task management tool available today – was built from the group up with agile in mind. In short, it’s an ideal platform to track, measure and manage your sprints.
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