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Metis has offered project-focused bootcamps for beginner and experienced data scientists since 2014. Graduates leave the bootcamp with 6-7 projects to add to their digital portfolios, as well as access to a network of alumni and career advisors to help them find a new job.

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The Metis Data Science & Engineering Online Flex Bootcamp is an online program where students can study on their own time with on-demand lessons and dedicated 1:1 instructor support. Assignment deadlines also help keep them accountable throughout their 28-weeks of coursework.

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1. 1:1 Support from Career Advisors. Receive personalized feedback straight from Metis’ career advisors regarding the critical components of your job search, from how strong your resume is to how well you perform in job interviews. During the bootcamp and post-graduation, you can meet with your Career Advisor.

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301 Followers Data Scientist and ML Engineer. Shares codes, technical data science concepts and ideas. LinkedIn: Follow More from Medium Zach Quinn in Pipeline: A Data Engineering Resource 3 Data Science Projects That Got Me 12 Interviews. And 1 That Got Me in Trouble. The PyCoach in Towards Data Science

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So we’re diving into the admissions process at data science bootcamp Metis, and getting insights from alumni Deepak and Emily, who explain their journeys from the Metis interview to their new jobs at Facebook and Etsy. Amy, tell us about your role as the director of admissions at Metis.

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Before Metis, I was interviewing for positions in the $50–62k range. After graduation, I am competitive in a range of $85–105k. The bootcamp cost $15,500. I studied pure mathematics in college and did some programming. As much as I love abstract mathematics, I really love machine learning.


Metis’s 12-week Data Science Bootcamp is a full-time, live online program designed to ... and project portfolio, graduates will be ready for the field of Data Science. Job titles range based on the industry and prior experience, but typically include Data Scientist, ... Statistics Review, Intro Machine Learning & Communicating Results

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Metis’s 14-week Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp is a full-time, live online program designed to provide students of diverse backgrounds with a uniquely rigorous learning environment that helps each begin a new data science career. Our bootcamp programs are taught by Data Science instructors with deep industry experience and combine ...

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As part of the intensive data science bootcamp I'm taking through Metis, I created a model to predict home prices based on natural beauty. Check my process and…

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Metis Bootcamp Reviews - ComputerScienceHero If you're looking for a bootcamp that can launch your data science career, Metis may be just the thing. Learn about top tech training programs today Get started X Contact Send Your Message Bootcamps Subjects Angular App Development Artificial Intelligence C C# C++ Coding Cyber Security
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