Installation issue Node Red on my local. node-red Command not found

node.js node-red Share Follow edited May 24, 2017 at 14:52 hardillb 51.3k 9 64 100 asked May 24, 2017 at 14:38 Anil Kothari 7,623 4 19 25 Add a comment 1 Answer Sorted by: 0 Is /Users/Beetel/.npm-packages/bin as that is where the executable was placed according to the output from npm if not you can either add it to your path or run:

Running on Windows : Node-RED

You can use an “At startup” trigger to always run Node-RED at system startup. Use the Action “Start a program” with details set to C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\npm\node-red.cmd (replacing <user> with your actual user name). You may wish to make sure that it only starts if the network is available. You may also wish to restart if the job fails.

node-red command won't work after npm install #749 - GitHub

node-red command won't work after npm install · Issue #749 · node-red/node-red · GitHub Notifications Fork 2.9k Star 15.3k Code Issues 211 Pull requests 65 Actions Projects Wiki Security 2 Insights New issue node-red command won't work after npm install #749 Closed dbaba opened this issue on Nov 10, 2015 · 4 comments Contributor

Command-line Administration : Node-RED

The node-red-admin command-line tool allows you to remotely administer a Node-RED instance.. Since Node-RED 1.1.0, node-red-admin is now built into the node-red command - you do not need to install it separately. To use the version included with node-red, use the command node-red admin.. If you install it separately, you would use the command node-red-admin.

node.js - node: command not found - Stack Overflow

The problem is that your PATH does not include the location of the node executable. You can likely run node as " /usr/local/bin/node ". You can add that location to your path by running the following command to add a single line to your bashrc file: echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin' >> $HOME/.bashrc source $HOME/.bashrc Share

Node-RED Self Restart - FAQs - Node-RED Forum

That is just one of many different ways that Node-RED can be run - so there will not be a one-size-fits-all restart command for Node-RED - it all depends on how its being run. Colin 27 May 2018 20:46 #10 sudo service nodered restart may still work but it is not the correct way of doing it on recent Debian systems such as Raspbian and Ubuntu.

How to resolve 'node' is not recognized as an internal or external ...

So to properly define a path variable and resolve this error, follow these simple steps: Open the Environment Variables option in your Control Panel. (Go to Control Panel -> System and Security ->System -> Advanced System Settings-> Environment Variables ->User Variables or System Variables.) Select the variable named Path.

Install Node-RED - Node-RED AI Photo Booth Workshop - knolleary

Once installed, you should now have the node-red command available to run. Command not found If you do not have the node-red command available it may be a problem with your PATH configuration. Find where your global node modules are installed by running: npm get prefix Then ensure the bin subdirectory of that location is on your PATH.

Installing and Starting Node-Red - Steves Node-Red Guide

Here are the instructions: Installing Node on Windows. Installing Node on Linux Using a Package Manager. Then you can Install node red on Windows and Linux (including raspberry pi) using: npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red. Using the -g option adds the node-red command to your path.

Node Red Authentication PW Hash issue - General - Node-RED Forum

You could also try the node command provided in the docs: Alternative, you can run the following command from within the Node-RED install directory: node -e "console.log (require ('bcryptjs').hashSync (process.argv [1], 8));" your-password-here jfehl 27 September 2018 19:10 #6 So I determined what must have been happening.
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