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1 You can clone a repository with HTTPS or SSH, you should configure SSH in your local & remote to use SSH. git clone or if you enable ssh git clone [email protected]:micaelandre/ Share Improve this answer Follow answered Mar 1, 2017 at 16:26 DilumN 2,839 6 33 44

Create new git project: Is not valid HTTP Git repository

gitlab - Create new git project: Is not valid HTTP Git repository - Stack Overflow Create new git project: Is not valid HTTP Git repository Ask Question Asked 6 months ago Modified 5 months ago Viewed 271 times 2 I try create new git projects with files from the existing project:

/info/refs not valid: is this a git repository? - Atlassian

When creating a brand new Git repository, you must specify the initial branch (called master by default) when pushing for the first time. You must also tell the remote Git server that you want it to create and track that branch on the server as well. To do this, ensure your initial push looks similar to: This tells Git that you are pushing to ...

Git error - Fatal: Not a git repository - Datree

Whenever you run a Git command, the first thing it does is check to see if you’re working in a valid Git repository by looking for that .git folder. If it finds that folder, then you’re all set and it moves to the next phase of running that command. If it can’t find that folder, however, Git has no context in which to operate.

How to Setup Git Repository and Credentials for Jenkins Jobs

Select “Git” for Source Code Management For this particular job, click on “Source Code Management” tab. This will have the following options: None (This option will be selected by default). CVS CVS Projectset Git Subversion Click on “Git” to select it. This will expand the section, and show all git related parameters as shown below.

Best practices for deploying Talend Jobs, and Frequently Asked ...

These libraries will not be pushed to the Nexus installed as part of Talend Platform, since the TAC portal is still not configured with the necessary configuration. Step 2: Log in to TAC and configure Within TAC, you configure the values for Artifact Repository and User Libraries in the Configuration section.

Check out multiple repositories in your pipeline - Azure Pipelines

You may use a repository resource even if your repository type doesn't require a service connection, for example if you have a repository resource defined already for templates in a different repository. In the following example, three repositories are declared as repository resources.

Fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories)

The cause of this error message is running a Git command outside of a directory in which a Git folder is initialized. For instance, if you try to run “ git commit ” in a non-Git folder, you see an error. Git cannot run unless you view a folder configured with Git. This is because Git is configured in a specific directory.

Encrypted secrets - GitHub Docs

On, navigate to the main page of the repository. Under your repository name, click Settings . In the left sidebar, click Environments. Click on the environment that you want to add a secret to. Under Environment secrets, click Add secret. Type a name for your secret in the Name input box.

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