The T-Mobile / Sprint merger hasn’t created jobs - The Verge

Instead, it appears to be moving in the opposite direction. We were warned this would happen. Wall Street analysts and labor unions both predicted anywhere between 24,000 to 30,000 jobs could be ...

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It seemed to merge into tongues of flame where the lamplight caught it. Extract from : « Jan and Her Job » by L. Allen Harker; The objects of reality Strike through their shapes that merge and go. Extract from : « Enamels and Cameos and other Poems » by Thophile Gautier; The trouble with efficiency is that it will merge away into excess.

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merge mix integrate blend incorporate add meld intermix intermingle commingle homogenize composite fuse commix mingle comingle conflate unite concrete immix stir coalesce immingle fold interfuse admix cut in emulsify conjoin toss intertwine compound weave knit link join interweave beat (in) Antonyms & Near Antonyms separate divide dissolve

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The Opposite of "To Merge" What Is The Antonym to That Dreaded "M" Word? A lot of attention has been given to the UCSF Stanford merger in the last few years. With the recent announcement bringing a halt to the merger, discussions have led many to try to articulate the opposite of that dreaded "M" word.

28 Merge Antonyms. Full list of opposite words of merge.

What is the opposite word for Merge? separate join, combine divide join, combine part join, combine disjoin bring or come together disperse bring or come together unmix bring or come together detach join disunify break up disconnect bring or come together scatter bring or come together sever join break apart split cleave break down diverge combine

The Opposite of "To Merge" What Is The Antonym to That Dreaded "M" Word ...

It seems that lo find the opposite of "merge" one needs to employ the basic, recommended synonyms to the word and just view them oppositely. In this way we could elect some rather useful stand-ins. I particularly like disinosculation, discoulesce and disaglutinate. Although they are heavy on the vowels, they arc also quite snappy.

Five takeaways on a surprisingly strong January jobs report

5 takeaways on a surprisingly strong jobs report. by Tobias Burns - 02/03/23 12:51 PM ET. The U.S. economy added 517,000 jobs in January, more than doubling Wall Street expectations and turning up ...

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501 opposites of merge- words and phrases with opposite meaning. page 2. Lists

how to do the opposite of merge or combine? - MrExcel Message Board

MarcelBeug. You can merge the queries with join kind left anti. The following code works if both subsets (Subset1 and Subset2) have the same name of the key column ("Code"). Alternatively you can merge with each subset separately. let Source = Table.NestedJoin (AllRecords, {"Code"},Subset1&Subset2, {"Code"},"Subsets",JoinKind.LeftAnti ...

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The accepted answer gives a so called LEFT JOIN IF NULL in SQL terms. If you want all the rows except the matching ones from both DataFrames, not only left. You have to add another condition to the filter, since you want to exclude all rows which are in both. In this case we use DataFrame.merge & DataFrame.query:
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