How can I completely stop a pm2 managed application?

Say I have a pm2 process that runs every 5 minutes and takes less than a second to run: pm2 start ./some-node-script.js --name some-node-script --cron "*/5 * * * *" --no-autorestart Now say I want to completely stop execution of the job. If I issue pm2 stop some-node-script, I get this warning:

pm2 remove process from list Code Example -

pm2 deleting processes. $ pm2 restart app --cron-restart="0 0 * * *". pm2 remove start process from list. pm2 remove all stop processes. stop and delete process if exists in pm2. pm2 delete process name. pm2 start script on server restart. pm2 start automatically on reboot. pm2 start app as service.

PM2 - CLI | Reference | PM2 Documentation

the interpreter pm2 should use for executing app (bash, python…) –interpreter-args <arguments>. interpret options (alias of –node-args) –log-date-format <date format>. add custom prefix timestamp to logs. –no-daemon. run pm2 daemon in the foreground if it doesn’t exist already. -a –update-env.

Uninstall pm2 |

Previous Post Next Post . Unitech / pm2 Public. pm2 kill npm remove pm2 -g #test with : which pm2 [email protected]:~$ pm2 kill [PM2] Spawning PM2 daemon [PM2] PM2 Successfully daemonized [PM2] Stopping PM2...[PM2][WARN] No process found [PM2] All processes have been stopped and deleted [PM2] PM2 stopped [email protected]:~$ npm remove pm2 -g npm WARN uninstall not installed in /usr/lib/node ...

GitHub - jon-hall/pm2-windows-service: Easily install (and uninstall ...

Original docs. Allows easily installing and uninstalling PM2 as a service on Windows machines - inspired by pm2-windows-startup, and largely achieved using node-windows. npm i pm2-windows-service -g. NOTE: pm2-windows-service currently requires node v4.0.0+, if node v0.12.x support is a requirement for you, please post in this issue.

Can't update(uninstall/install) pm2 version 0.7.8

Im stuck with upgrade pm2 to latest version from 0.7.8 to 1.1.3. Official documentation says that it simply done with npm install pm2 -g and pm2 update but actually my current version of pm2(0.7.8) don't have update command it is new feature. i also tried to uninstall/install option by this tutorial but it didn't not removing anything and i don't want to manually remove some /usr/ or /lib ...

pm2 and how do I clear the previous jobs Code Example

pm2 remove app from list; cancel jobs related to one name; uninstall pm2; pm2 remove id; pm2 describe process; pm2 process disappears after reboot; pm2 remove process from list; Make pm2 auto-boot at server restart; ohow to kill pm2 servers; see pm2 logs; pm2 reload all command; cups server cannot cancel jobs; pm2 kill all; pm2 ressurect

PM2 - Process Management

To stop a specified application: $ pm2 stop api $ pm2 stop [process_id] To stop them all: $ pm2 stop all. To stop multiple apps at once: $ pm2 stop app1 app3 app4. Note: this will not delete the application from PM2 application list. See next section to delete an application.

PM2 - Home

PM2 is a daemon process manager that will help you manage and keep your application online 24/7 npm install pm2 -g Learn more Features. A Complete feature set for production environment, built with a worldwide community of developers and enterprises. Behavior configuration ...

PM2 常用命令 - 简书

pm2 flush. $ pm2 stop all # 停止所有的应用程序. $ pm2 stop 0 # 停止 id为 0的指定应用程序. $ pm2 restart all # 重启所有应用. $ pm2 reload all # 重启 cluster mode下的所有应用. $ pm2 gracefulReload all # Graceful reload all apps in cluster mode. $ pm2 delete all # 关闭并删除所有应用. $ pm2 delete 0 ...
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