6 Product Management Trends in 2023 | Productboard

Trend #1: Product managers focus on working smarter and more efficiently We started seeing high-profile tech layoffs in the latter half of 2022, and in 2023, economists are still unsure about whether we’re heading into a recession.

Product Management Trends in 2022: A Product School Guide

Top Trends in Product Management in 2022. The 2022 Future of Product Management Report aims to identify key trends driving the product management industry forward and help product managers better understand the industry’s current state. To generate the report, Product School surveyed its global community of over one million product managers and more than 10,000 alumni.

The Product Manager Career and the Surprising Stats About It in 2022

The McKinsey Product Management Index has listed down 5 core competencies that product managers should have: Business acumen - they have to be comfortable with their business strategy, be able to prioritize for the team, have a go-to-market strategy, and understand pricing as well as tracking the key performance metrics

What Is Your Earning Potential? 2021 Product Manager Salary Trends

Those with two-to-five years of experience bring in an average of $88,000 annually. Getting past those initial five years results in a big jump in pay. Workers with 6-10 years of product management experience make an average of $116,000 per year. While those with 10-15 years of experience receive an annual salary of $134,000 on average.

Product Management Job Trends | by Gabriel Steinhardt - Medium

There are many open product management positions, commonly at technology and non-software companies, for a product manager with managerial, tactical, and operational skills. These positions...

How The Future Will Shape Product Management - Forbes

In product management, cross-departmental training and mentorship schemes are a great tool for helping PMs build up their skill set. As previously mentioned, AI will be an in-demand skill, so...

34,000+ Product Manager jobs in California, United States (1,520 new)

34,000+ Product Manager jobs in California, United States (1,520 new) Today’s top 34,000+ Product Manager jobs in California, United States. Leverage your professional network, and get...

Product managers for the digital world | McKinsey

We recommend that organizations begin with a thorough assessment of their current product-management capabilities in six areas: a grounding in customer experience, market orientation, business acumen, technical skills, soft skills, and the presence of organizational enablers.

Digital product management: Trends, experiences, and outcomes - Deloitte

problem. And product management is really just a blend of art and science that we use to understand that problem and optimize a solution for it. And I tell my teams almost every day, “Look, guys, product management is a team sport.” We spend a lot of time talking about the product manager role, but it’s really

Product Manager Job Description (2023) – Forbes Advisor

A product manager is typically responsible for: Performing customer interviews and market assessments. Translating business requirements into technical specifications and vice versa. Planning and ...
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