sklearn.cluster.DBSCAN — scikit-learn 1.2.1 documentation

p float, default=None. The power of the Minkowski metric to be used to calculate distance between points. If None, then p=2 (equivalent to the Euclidean distance). n_jobs int, default=None. The number of parallel jobs to run. None means 1 unless in a joblib.parallel_backend context. -1 means using all processors. See Glossary for more details ...

arq — arq v0.25.0 documentation

arq is built using python 3’s asyncio allowing non-blocking job enqueuing and execution. Multiple jobs (potentially hundreds) can be run simultaneously using a pool of asyncio Tasks. powerful-features Deferred execution, easy retrying of jobs, and pessimistic execution ( see below ) means arq is great for critical jobs that must be completed. fast

Class QueryJob (3.4.0) | Python client library | Google Cloud

Python Documentation Reference Send feedback Class QueryJob (3.3.6) bookmark_border On this page Parameters Inheritance Properties allow_large_results billing_tier cache_hit clustering_fields...

Using Python libraries with AWS Glue - AWS Glue

How to using Python libraries with AWS Glue. Zipping libraries for inclusion. Unless a library is contained in a single .py file, it should be packaged in a .zip archive. The package directory should be at the root of the archive, and must contain an file for the package. Python will then be able to import the package in the normal way.

databricks-cli/ at main · databricks/databricks-cli · GitHub

def list_jobs ( self, job_type=None, expand_tasks=None, offset=None, limit=None, headers=None, version=None, name_filter=None ): resp = self. client. list_jobs ( job_type=job_type, expand_tasks=expand_tasks, offset=offset, limit=limit, headers=headers, version=version, name_filter=name_filter) if 'jobs' not in resp: resp [ 'jobs'] = [] return resp

python - Value of Py_None - Stack Overflow

Py_None is a macro definition in Include/object.h. It is a an alias for _Py_NoneStruct in object.c which is a static (as in storage) global variable of PyObject type (which is a struct). It is assigned in Python terms to be of NoneType (defined right above it in object.c and only used once for _Py_NoneStruct ).

Program for Shortest Job First (or SJF) CPU Scheduling | Set 1 (Non ...

Advantages of SJF: SJF is better than the First come first serve (FCFS) algorithm as it reduces the average waiting time. SJF is generally used for long term scheduling. It is suitable for the jobs running in batches, where run times are already known. SJF is probably optimal in terms of average turnaround time.

Python shell jobs in AWS Glue - AWS Glue

Supported libraries for Python shell jobs. In Python shell using Python 3.9, you can choose the library set to use pre-packaged library sets for your needs. You can use the library-set option to choose the library set. Valid values are analytics, and none. The environment for running a Python shell job supports the following libraries:

python - AWS Glue Job : An error occurred while calling ...

Sorted by: 3 I ran into the same issue. I asked about it on AWS re:Post and was told that the reason why this exception gets thrown is that getCatalogSource and getCatalogSink do not yet support connecting with Secrets Manager. The workaround is to either use boto3 to retrieve credentials from Secrets Manager or connect with username/password.

`py::str x = py::none()` is a bit confusing; it converts None to a ...

Somehow distinguish assignment-at-construction py::str x = py::none () (use None), assignment py::str x; x = py::none () and make these set the object truly to None; for conversion, py::str (py::none ()), allow this to be stringified. I doubt this is possible in C++ without doing weird implicit converting operators.
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