[SOLVED] Subreddits loading very slow despite good connection - GitHub

I've encountered a problem opening subreddits on Reddit Sync. The Frontpage is loading quickly, but when I try to open a specific subreddit it loads very slowly/not at all; the loading circle is rotating, but nothing happens! ... [SOLVED] Subreddits loading very slow despite good connection Jan 4, 2016. laurencedawson closed this Jul 21, 2016 ...

Chunks loading in rather slowly : r/Optifine -

Back in the day I used to use Optifine, so today I installed the newest version. But, unlike I remember from back in the day, my performance seems to have gone down. Specifically chunks load quite slowly. It takes a very long time for the world to appear when I first load my game and flying is almost unworkable as I quickly outpace the graphics ...

22 Slow Paced Jobs For Super Low Stress Work - LogicalDollar

Best slow paced jobs. 1. Freelance writer. Freelance writing is a great example of a job where you can set the pace yourself (which you’ll also see applies to a couple of other jobs on this list!). That is, it generally involves accepting tasks from clients based on a certain deadline.

Is Reddit not working? Here's are a few fixes to try ... - Android ...

2. Close and re-open Reddit. If Reddit’s servers aren’t the problem, it’s time to see if your app or browser is the issue. Close the app and re-open it to see if it gets all the gears in ...

Reddit won't load properly on Wifi. But works fine on data.

Cellphone data (simcard), not hotspot. If it is the browser issue, why is Reddit App also slow then? I am not saying reddit wont open, but the gifs and videos in the reddit load slow. So there is ISP provided modem (with built in wifi) and my own router (Linksys E1550). I know this router is really old and outdated. Here's the results from ipv6 ...

Solved: Autocad slow to load - Autodesk Community

He has complained for some time about AutoCAD opening very slowly. 3 years ago we got him a new PC with a Core i7 CPU, an SSD, 8G memory and a Quadro video card. AutoCAD runs great when it starts. All other apps run very quickly, but AutoCAD takes about 60 seconds to open. Now, please understand I am not familiar with AutoCAD.

Solved: Textures load slow - Answer HQ - Electronic Arts

January 2021. Options. Konform103. ★ Pro. @kalamchi might be related to the option setting.r_lod_switch_scale in the videoconfig.txt file.. it usually has a value between 0.6 and 1 for better performance.. if you set it to a value of 5-10 you have less issue with texture rendering slowly but then might take a hit on your performance.

Solved: Canvas VERY Slow... - Instructure Community

Canvas VERY Slow... Jump to solution. We have roughly 28 users in a course in the free version of Canvas. Since all students became active, we are experiencing extremly slow loading times. Graphics sometimes don't load at all, and uploads take forever. Everything is lagging. Browser and IP address don't seem to make a difference.

Opening and closing pdf is very slow - Adobe Inc.

3- If step 2 doesn't work, try turning off your virus and malware protection and try again. 4- If that doesn't work, go to Edit > Preferences > "Security (Enhanced)" category and set "Protected View" to "Off" and uncheck "Enable Enhanced Security" > click OK, relaunch Acrobat and check. Please note: disabling protected view and enhanced ...

Why is the game so slow? :: Kenshi General Discussions - Steam Community

I have quite a powerful PC (i7700k, 1080 Ti, 64GB RAM) with Kenshi installed on a ramdisk. And even with this setup the game is slow. What exactly is slow? - saves being saved are slow - saves loading is slow - when I run through the world I constantly get "loading" and the game is paused for some time until "loading" is done - lots of other stuff is slow I have been checking resources usages ...
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