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Regex regular expression jobs Sort by: relevance - date 217 jobs Splunk Administrator Kinney Group 3.2 Herndon, VA 20170 $93.6K - $119K a year Indeed est. Full-time Easily apply on Indeed Possess experience with client/server communications privacy using private key infrastructure (PKI) Experience using regex (regular expressions) with scripting.

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Find the best Regex jobs It takes just one job to develop a successful relationship that can propel your career forward. Find Work Want to hire a Regex Specialist? Professionals on Upwork rate clients 4.9/5 on average from 2M+ reviews Trusted by Check out a sample of the 17 Regex Specialist jobs posted on Upwork Find Freelance Jobs (Current)

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In this post we will look at Java Regular Expression (Regex) Interview questions. Examples are provided with explanations. Q: What are Java Regex ? A: Java provides the java.util.regex package for pattern matching with regular expressions. It is widely used to define the constraint on strings such as password and email validation.

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In this article, we will be using Regular Expressions to solve each problem. I hope you’re as excited as I am. So, without further adieu, let’s begin! Question #1 – Disemvowel Trolls Trolls are attacking your comment section! A common way to deal with this situation is to remove all of the vowels from the trolls’ comments, neutralizing the threat.

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Making Regexes Maintainable. A major advance toward demystify the patterns previously referred to as “regular expressions” is Perl’s /x regex flag — sometimes written (?x) when embedded — that allows whitespace (line breaking, indenting) and comments. This seriously improves readability and therefore maintainability.

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For example, the following regex: Hello|Goodbye Matches both the string “Hello” and “Goodbye”. Meanwhile: Hey? Will track “y” zero to one time, so will match up with “He” and “Hey”. Alternatively: Hello {1,3} Will match “Hello”, “Helloo”, “Hellooo”, but not “Helloooo”, as it is looking for the letter “o” between 1 and 3 times.

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Visual Basic 6 - ECMA (when using Microsoft VBScript Regular Expressions 5.5 COM object) Visual Studio - Grouping braces are {} (more details to follow.) wxWidgets - Tcl ARE, POSIX BRE/ERE; XML Schema - XML; XQuery & XPath - Xpath; Additional references. Wikipedia's List of regular expression software; Regex info's comparison of Regex flavors

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Questions. What are the three public classes in the java.util.regex package? Describe the purpose of each. Consider the string literal "foo". What is the start index? What is the end index? Explain what these numbers mean. What is the difference between an ordinary character and a metacharacter? Give an example of each.

Restricting Text Responses With Regular Expressions

Restricting Text Responses With Regular Expressions. ¶. A regular expression, or regex, is a search pattern used for matching specific characters and ranges of characters within a string. It is widely used to validate, search, extract, and restrict text in most programming languages. KoboToolbox supports regex to control the length and ...

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The RegExp Short Answer Question. IMPORTANT NOTE. The RegExp Short Answer question described in this documentation page is a 3rd-party plugin, which allows you to create questions for the Quiz activity. It is different from the "Use regular expressions" option in the Lesson module.; The documentation for the "Use regular expressions" option in the Lesson module is to be found at: Short answer ...
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