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0. Make sure the repository URL is correct. Make sure you have permissions to read/write to the repository. Make sure you are authenticated in git - it should prompt you to sign in. If it doesn't, you can try deleting any saved credentials in your credential manager and try again. Share.

Fatal: git repository not found (but can go to URL) in Azure Devops?

1 Answer. Try to navigate to the Organization settings -> Permissions -> Project Collection Administrators -> Members -> Add -> add your user account, and make sure you set the same user account in Git Configuration meanwhile.

Unfuddle Support | Git - Repository Not Found

Fix Git error: There is no tracking information for the current branch; How to pull a specific commit in Git; How to diff file between branches in Git; Difference between Git fetch and Git pull; Why is git pull not working? How to fix Git error: repository not found; How to Connect a Local Git Repository to a Remote One

Repository not found | Git - remote - YouTube

Hi, thanks for watching our video about How to solve a Repository not found error.ABOUT OUR CHANNELOur channel is about Web Development. We cover lots of coo...

Fatal: repository not found · Discussion #22000 · community

Trying to set up GitHub for the first time, and I kept getting the fatal : repository not found error, despite the repository being public in GitHub. Used the command you provided, followed by push, and success.

How To Fix "fatal: not a git repository" in Git? - Tim Mouskhelichvili

2. Verify that the Git repository has been initialized by checking if a .git folder exists. To check if this folder exists, use the ls -la command. If the .git folder does not exist in the correct directory, initialize the Git repository using the git init command. bash git init. 3. Verify that the HEAD file is not corrupted. bash > cat .git ...

Getting "remote: Repository not found." error during multi-checkout ...

First I tried upgrading the permissions for the Azure Pipeline specifically so it can access the right repositories. Didn't work. Then I changed the permissions of the Github Azure Pipelines app to allow access to all repositories.

Getting source from Git repository not working - GitLab

Jobs Commits Issue Boards Collapse sidebar Close sidebar. Open sidebar.; gitlab-runner; Issues #27444; Closed Open Issue created Jan 15, 2021 by Petr Kubišta Jr. @tchuba1010. Getting source from Git repository not working - runner 13.7.0 ... trying just about everything I found, with no success. The behavior on the server is the ...

git cloneしようとしたらremote: Repository not found.に阻まれた - Qiita

remote: Repository not found. と出たときの対処法. 背景. 自身のポートフォリオとなるサイトを作る際に、GitHubを使おう! ↓ GUIからリポジトリを作成 ↓ ローカルで作成していたサンプルコードをまずgit pushしよう! ↓ PowerShell開いて、$ git clone https:/// ...

Git Push ERROR: Repository not found - JanBask Training

Git Push ERROR: Repository not found 2.2K Asked by GayatriJaiteley in Tableau , Asked on Jul 10, 2021 I am having a very strange problem with git and github. When I try and push, I am getting: git push -u origin master ERROR: Repository not found. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly.
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