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Here's how to do so: git fetch some-remote # "origin" if you want to use your own branch git reset --hard some-remote/master The first step is fetching a list of branches from the remote. The next is executing a hard reset of the branch based on the remote. Now you can stop asking yourself how things got so messed and up can get back to business!

Git Reset Local Branch to Remote: Various Methods To Solve This Error

The second last step is to reset the local main branch to the remote repository. To reset the local repository, follow the below command syntax: Git reset –hard origin/main However, if the HEAD refers to the HEAD of the branch, then the programmer has to reset the head of the origin or whatever the user named their remote repository.

Git - Working with Remotes

The command helpfully tells you that if you’re on the master branch and you run git pull, it will automatically merge the remote’s master branch into the local one after it has been fetched. It also lists all the remote references it has pulled down. That is a simple example you’re likely to encounter.

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Now in order to delete the test branch locally, we use the command : git branch -d <branch-name>. We will delete my test branch as an example. Note: The -d option will delete the branch only if it has already been pushed and merged with the remote branch. If you want to forcefully delete a branch you will have to use the -D option instead.

How to Checkout a Remote Git Branch

To checkout a branch from a remote repository, use the 'git fetch' command, and then 'git branch -r' to list the remote branches. Pick the branch you need and use a command of the form 'git checkout -b new-branch-name origin/remote-branch-name.'.

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Reset branch to remote (forcefully) This example uses the main branch. Replace main with desired branch. git fetch origin git reset --hard origin/main git clean -f. To see which files will be removed by clean without removing them, run: git clean -n -f. Reference.

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Summary Resetting branch (e.g. git reset --hard HEAD^ or git reset --hard 124cece3b39f5cc38686df39c179b1a61ecbd562) and force-pushing (e.g. git push origin branch -f) creates an empty or partial event. User Activity and Project Activity shows a partial event entry and Merge Request will show no entry. Steps to reproduce Create a commit.

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