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Complexity Analysis: Since the program is using a for-loop for computing the sum of elements, the time complexity of the program is O(n), where n is the total number of elements present in the array. The space complexity of the program is constant, i.e., O(1). Case 2: If we have to return two values of different types. In case we have the two values of the different types, we can use Pair.

Returning Multiple values in Java -

Using Pair (If there are only two returned values) We can use Pair in Java to return two values. // Returning a pair of values from a function. import javafx.util.Pair; class GfG {. public static Pair<Integer, String> getTwo () {. return new Pair<Integer, String> (10, "GeeksforGeeks"); }

Can a method return multiple values in Java? -

You can return only one value in Java. If needed you can return multiple values using array or an object. Example. In the example given below the calculate() method accepts two integer variables performs the addition subtraction, multiplication and, division operations on them stores the results in an array and returns the array.

Return Multiple Values in Java -

Return Multiple Values of the Same Type Using Array in Java. We can return more than one values that are of the same data type using an array. As array stores multiple values so we can return an array from a method as in our example. Below, we create a method method1 () that has a return type of String [] array of Strings.

How to return multiple objects from a Java method?

138. If you want to return two objects you usually want to return a single object that encapsulates the two objects instead. You could return a List of NamedObject objects like this: public class NamedObject<T> { public final String name; public final T object; public NamedObject (String name, T object) { = name; this.object = object; } }

Return multiple values with different datatype in Java

// a java program to demonstrate that we can return multiple values of different types by making a class// and returning an object of class.// a class that stores and returns two members of different typesclass test{int mul; // to store multiplicationdouble div; // to store divisiontest(int m, double d){mul = m;div = d;}}class demo{static test getmultanddiv(int a, int b){// returning multiple ...

Returning multiple values in a Java function of int data type

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multiple return values in function java Code Example

// A Java program to demonstrate that a method // can return multiple values of same type by // returning an array class Test { // Returns an array such that first element // of array is a+b, and second element is a-b static int[] getSumAndSub(int a, int b) { int[] ans = new int[2]; ans[0] = a + b; ans[1] = a - b; // returning array of elements return ans; } // Driver method public static void ...

How to return multiple values at once in Java (without using an ... - Quora

Answer (1 of 3): Create a class of your custom return type and return the class object. Simple. [code]public class customCls { int val1; int val2; } public customCls customMethod() { customCls obj = new customCls(); obj.val1 = 1; obj.val2 = 2; return obj; } [/code]

How to Return Multiple Values in JavaScript - The Programming Expert

function someFunction(){ var arrayToReturn = [2,3]; return arrayToReturn; }; In the code above, we wanted to return the values 2 and 3, so we create a new array, arrayToReturn, and then return that array. This is one of the easiest ways to return multiple values. Let’s take a look at a quick example below.
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