Db2 for i SQL: Multiple search conditions within a WHERE clause - IBM

Multiple search conditions within a WHERE clause. You can qualify your request further by coding a search condition that includes several predicates. The search condition you specify can contain any of the comparison operators or the predicates BETWEEN, DISTINCT, IN, LIKE, EXISTS, IS NULL, and IS NOT NULL. You can combine any two predicates ...

Db2 for i SQL: Specifying a search condition using the WHERE clause - IBM

The WHERE clause specifies a search condition that identifies the row or rows that you want to retrieve, update, or delete. The number of rows you process with an SQL statement then depends on the number of rows that satisfy the WHERE clause search condition. A search condition consists of one or more predicates .

sql server - SQL Search Query with Dynamic search condition - Stack ...

Here there are 2 And Clauses as there are 2 parts in the search string (AMX, AC-DIN-CS3). I want to get rid of the Dynamic sql and create a single query that will get me the same result as above based on the search string but i am getting different result. Equivalent of Example 1 But With extra results

sql server - Skipping steps in Sql jobs on a particular day - Stack ...

I Created 2 Table Like This. And Inserted Data Like This. Now each day, before executing a particular step just check the tables to see whether the Step is in the tables for that particular date. As per this. Step# 2 will be skipped on 12-Jan-2018. Step# 3 will be skipped on 01-Feb-2018. Step# 1 will be skipped on 28-Feb-2018.

PL/SQL Developer w/ ColdFusion -

4+ years of recent hands on experience in Oracle PL/SQL development. Oracle 11g mandatory, 12c preferred. Experience with any other technologies, for example: ColdFusion, Java, .NET, JS Framework ...

How to Schedule Jobs in SQL Server - Dot Net Tutorials

Here, my T-SQL statement is INSERT INTO OrdersHistory SELECT * FROM Orders which is insert all the records into the OrderHistory table which are present in the Orders table. Then I click on the Ok button which will create job step 1 as shown in the below image. Once you click on the Ok button, then it will create job step 1 successfully.

sql server - How to stop a job for the rest of the day after the ...

Look at the job schedule to get the ID of the schedule--I'll use schedule ID 51 in the following examples. You can disable the schedule on the job when the condition is first found to be true: USE [msdb] GO EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_update_schedule @schedule_id=51, @enabled=0 GO

Job: SQL Database Administrator in Johannesburg - ref: 917085

SQL Database Administrator. Location: Midrand, Gauteng. Salary: CTC package offered based on level of skill and experience. Reporting to the Senior IT Manager you will be responsible for providing operational database services. 14 days ago. Snr Database Administrator. Location: Johannesburg. Salary: R700.

Specify Multiple Search Conditions for One Column - Visual Database ...

To specify an AND condition. In the Criteria pane, add the column to search. In the Filter column for the data column you just added, specify the first condition. Add the same data column to the Criteria pane again, placing it in an empty row of the grid. In the Filter column for the second instance of the data column, specify the second condition.

Hands on Full-Text Search in SQL Server - SQL Shack

Full-Text Engine – (sqlserv.exe)– can be seen as part of the Query Processor. It compiles and runs full-text queries and takes stoplists and thesaurus files into account before sending back results sets for these queries. Full-Text Indexer – (sqlserv.exe)– This thread builds the structure used to store index tokens.
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