Selenium | How to iterate | TypeError: 'WebElement' object is not iterable

TypeError: 'WebElement' object is not iterable is cause you should use find_elements which returns a list, and can be iterable, not find_element which returns a single web element. Code :

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You can find a couple of relevant discussions in: Exception has occurred: TypeError 'WebElement' object is not subscriptable Solution 2 find _ element _by_ xpath Copy returns first found element (not array) find_element_by_xpath(...).click () Copy or find_elements_by_xpath(...)[0].click () Copy Share: 22,492 Related videos on Youtube 05 : 39

Typeerror: type object is not subscriptable ( Steps to Fix)

Typeerror: type object is not subscriptable ( Solution ) – The best way to fix this error is using correct object for indexing. Let’s understand with one example. type object is not subscriptable python example The fix is calling var [0] in the place of var_type [0] . Here ‘var’ is the correct object.

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First, we need to understand the meaning of this error, and we have to know what is meant by subscriptable. A subscript is a symbol or number in a programming language to identify elements. So, by object is not subscriptable, it is obvious that the data structure does not have this functionality. For instance, take a look at the following code.

TypeError Object Is Not Subscriptable in Python | Codeigo

The Solution to TypeError: Object Is Not Subscriptable Depending on the nature of this error, there are three solutions. Let’s discuss them as we give examples. The first solution to this error is to ensure you are not indexing a non-subscriptable object. Secondly, you can cast non-indexable Python objects into indexable forms.

Python TypeError: Object is Not Subscriptable (How to Fix This Stupid ...

Python throws the TypeError object is not subscriptable if you use indexing with the square bracket notation on an object that is not indexable. This is the case if the object doesn’t define the __getitem__ () method. You can fix it by removing the indexing call or defining the __getitem__ method.

TypeError: 'WebElement' object is not subscriptable selenium python ...

TypeError: 'WebElement' object is not subscriptable selenium python - Webmatrices Forum. Webmatrices. Apps. Instagram.

How to Fix Object is Not Subscriptable In Python - YouTube

10K views 10 months ago In this quick tutorial we will explore how to fix 'Object Is Not Subscriptable' in python. A subscriptable object describes objects that are "containers", meaning...

Python TypeError: ‘function’ object is not subscriptable Solution

grades = [ "A", "A", "B" ] print (grades [0]) The value at the index position 0 is A. Thus, our code returns “A”. This syntax does not work on a function. This is because a function is not an iterable object. Functions are only capable of returning an iterable object if they are called. The “TypeError: ‘function’ object is not ...

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How do you select the second or third element with the same class name while using selenium? For instance, Trial=browser.find_element_by_class_name (‘indicator-diamond’) [1] Output: TypeError: ‘WebElement’ object is not subscriptable. Find.
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