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Removing a Git repository. We can remove a git repository by deleting the .git folder because git keeps all information inside that folder. Here is an example: In your terminal navigate to git repository you need to remove. Now, run the following command to delete the .git folder. rm -rf .git.

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Details. When you use the git init command, it creates a folder called .git inside of your project folder. To undo the git init command, you can simply delete the .git folder. However, since it starts with a period, it is considered a hidden folder and will likely not show up in Finder on macOS or File Explorer on Windows 10.

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George Pipis. January 13, 2022. 1 min read. If you work with git and you have initiated a project using the git init command and you want to “undo”, then you can simply delete the .git file from your folder. 1. rm -rf .git.

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1 Answer. I just did that but it doesn't change anything. I am practicing in vs code it keeps showing in the source control that I made 5k changes. Also search for .git folders at upper levels, if you're unsure you might have unwittingly created some earlier.

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For Mac users, you simply open the terminal or the command prompt and navigate to the folder you want to remove git from. Then run this command: rm -rf .git. For Windows users, you have to run the following command after navigating to the right folder using the command prompt: rd /s /q .git. Yeah, that’s all.----

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Add the original repo as a remote and fetch all the commits from it again. git remote add origin url-of-the-repo-you-cloned-before git fetch origin. Now your repo contains all the commits that are present in the remote repository. What you do next depends on what you did before you found out the commits are gone. Run git status to decide.

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Long story short, I just started as a full stack dev for a small, local company. I'm still pretty inexperienced; especially with git. The company I work for basically just has a bunch of internal programs the employees use to monitor/control inventory.

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If we know that our most recent commit was a merge commit then we can undo it using the following command: git reset HEAD~. So this command will undo any merge commits along with any other commits from the other branch. Seeing the merge commit by using git log. Using the command git reset HEAD~.

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commit 1: First commit //undo the second commit, now head is at first or previous commit. One can clearly see last commit (i.e. second commit) is removed. Case 2: Undo a commit from the public repository. Now if we have already made your commit public then you will have to create a new commit which will “revert” the changes you made in your ...

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Using git restore to Undo git add. Luckily, there's a simple way of undoing a git add: you can simply use the git restore --staged command on the affected file: $ git restore --staged index.html. This will remove the file from Git's staging area, making sure it is NOT part of the next commit. If, at the same time, you also want to discard any ...
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