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Some employers may also think that a student who shows aptitude in a minor indicates breadth, curiosity and flexibility. The second reason is more practical. Certain minors really do complement a major area of study, even if not always in a completely obvious way. If you have specific career goals in mind, it’s a good idea to think through ...

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A large nursing home employs two 16-year-olds to collect trash and waste paper throughout the facility and load it into the large commercial trash compactor located on the loading dock. The firm rents the compactor from a waste management firm. The minors also routinely operate the compactor by turning the key and pressing the “on” button.

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Some science-related majors that a student in pursuit of a healthcare administration degree should consider pursuing include biology, chemistry, or health sciences. 2. People-Oriented Minors. Like minors in science, minors in people-oriented subjects can enable healthcare professionals to excel within their chosen field.

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When it comes to the other jobs you can do with a BSN degree besides nursing, there are plenty of opportunities for writing related to healthcare. Writing provides a powerful medium for expressing opinions, perspectives, as well as raw data and spreading academic knowledge. 5. Legal Nurse Consultant.

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Nursing, is more art than science. Achieving journeyman status, requires significant experience and exposure, and can not be learned in a book. Now before anyone is tempted to lambaste me on the "real science" comment, consider that N.A.S.A specifically excludes degrees in Nursing from consideration for astronaut candidacy. Kamea 4 Posts

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Unfortunately, the BLS does not differentiate between different specialties of nursing. Here are the 5 highest paying states for registered nurses and their average annual mean incomes according to the BLS. Top Paying States for Registered Nurses California: $124,000 Hawaii: $106,530 Oregon: $98,630 District of Columbia: $98,540 Alaska: $97,230

What is the best minor for a nursing major? [FAQ!]

Popular Minors Nursing Student Choose Some of the most popular minors in the field of nursing include psychology, nutrition, sociology, foreign language, physiology, mathematics, business administration, healthcare administration, geriatrics, recreation, creative writing, hospital administration, and journalism. Table of Contentsshow

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Accounting, as a minor, provides students with an assortment of skills a number of industries look for in their potential employees. One of the nicest things about minoring in accounting is that it complements a wide variety of college majors, except for those that are closely related to accounting.

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Gerontology. This is a minor that is very beneficial to someone with a nursing degree due to the growing elderly population. Gerontology involves giving care to the elderly and taking care of their health needs. Completing this minor will give you more knowledge on the aging process and how to improve an elderly patient’s quality of life.

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Position: Registered Nurse - OR Minor Surgery (Per Diem)<br>Work where <b>every moment</b> matters.<br><br>Every day, over 30,000 Hartford Health Care colleagues come to work with one thing in common:<br> Pride in what we do, knowing every moment matters here. We invite you to become part of Connecticut’s most comprehensive healthcare network.<br><br>For more than 118 years, Backus Hospital ...
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