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Why is learning Java so difficult? Because it's your first experience of it. The basics are easy enough; but figuring out how best to split a problem up into classes, methods, Lambdas is hard. Building real apps needs learning frameworks and that adds to the load. And the basic OO concepts themselves can take a while to grasp.

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You can start simple and work your way up to larger and larger projects. Java is by no means too complex for a one-man operation, but learning any form of full-formed web programming is a lot to learn when it's all new. If you were looking at .NET for the same purpose, there is a lot there too.

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Java is a great choice for career-oriented beginners because it's a skill that's in high demand ( three billion devices run Java! ), which means more job/internship opportunities. Evidence suggests that 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Java for building applications and back-end systems.

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Why is Java programming so hard The answer depends on your technical knowledge and desire to learn a coding language. Depending on your background and ambition, Java can be simple enough for a newbie to grasp, or it could be very challenging. You should start with the basics, however, and gradually build up from there.

Why Is Java Programming So Difficult? - javalimit.com

Why is Java coding so hard One of the most important things you can do to learn Java is take your time. The core of Java is huge and there are many related technologies. It will take you quite some time to learn these. Besides, you have to understand Object Oriented (OO) concepts.

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Exactly. If you have a background in other programming languages it's not hard to pick up and become productive. The problem is learning the ecosystem and all those frameworks you will end up needing. That can feel hardcore sometimes.

Why is Java so popular for developers and programmers?

Java is fundamentally object-oriented. The code is so robust because Java objects contain no references to data external to themselves. The language is considered to be very simple; however, it comes with a library of classes that offer commonly used utility functions that most Java programs can’t work without.

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Originally Answered: Why is Java considered the most difficult language? I learned Java within 4 months of on the job training, with no experience in programming at all. Two issues. Java is not the most difficult language to learn. It’s not the easiest (Regardless of what Java fanatics tell you) but it’s nowhere near the hardest.

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However, learning the nitty gritty details and internals are hard. If Java is your first programming language, then step back and learn object oriented concepts. I believe once OO concepts are understood, picking up the rest of Java should be easier. Java itself is really a platform as well as a programming language.

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Why is learning Java so difficult? If you are just starting out, Java can be overwhelming. It's easier to learn Java if you're already familiar with the two programming languages. Java is a mature programming language that is easy to read and understand. Java is an excellent choice if you want to learn a new programming language.
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