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WoofJS . WoofJS is a learnable JavaScript framework for creating games by The Coding Space. WoofJS was created to be the next step after block-based coding in Scratch. For more details, you can read our announcement post. Getting Started (woofjs.com) We recommend that you get started with WoofJS on woofjs.com, because you...

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WoofJS is the name of their framework, dog themed in reference to the cat mascot of Scratch, and it was written by educators who wanted to help students easily transition out of Scratch and into JavaScript as their first general purpose programming language! ... — Steve Jobs. Learn More Links February 2018 Learn More Links. Links from the ...

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(Copying causes WoofJS to create a version of these commands in JavaScript.) Finally, go to the JavaScript panel on the right and paste. For example, you can create a new sprite that is a circle object by clicking Sprites and Backgrounds and then copying this code: var circleSprite1 = new Circle({ radius: 10, color: #ffffff, x: 0,

WoofJS/index.html at master · stevekrouse/WoofJS · GitHub

description: "These blocks do not exist in WoofJS. Scratch is first-person programming so if you want one sprite to communicate with another, you need to send messages. However, WoofJS is third-person so you can coordinate things between sprites without them talking to each other. You can use variables to hold \"messages\".",

WoofJS/workflow.html at master · stevekrouse/WoofJS

Learnable JavaScript. Contribute to stevekrouse/WoofJS development by creating an account on GitHub.

WoofJS/teach.html at master · stevekrouse/WoofJS · GitHub

Learnable JavaScript. Contribute to stevekrouse/WoofJS development by creating an account on GitHub.

Woofjs : gamedesign

Woofjs. Discussion. Close. 0. Posted by 3 years ago. Woofjs. Discussion. In the game designer woofjs could somebody tell me how to stop the game designer from freezing up after a few minutes. 1 comment. share. save. hide.

Add FullScreen to Documentation · Issue #602 · stevekrouse/WoofJS

Currently the documentation for fullScreen is in the github description, but doesn't show up in the documentation on WoofJS. We should show that you need to do: fullScreen = false setBackdropSi...

Freeze inconsistent in every loops · Issue #588 · stevekrouse/WoofJS

Freeze seems to interact oddly with every loops in a way that doesn't happen in forever loops. https://woofjs.com/create.html#hallpell_freezing_exploration is an ...
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