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coding space is a great place to work if you are looking for a part-time position. it is an after-school coding program for young students typically 8-12 years old and learn about scratch, woofjs and basic web development as the options. we as instructors, usually helping them finish game or project on the website or their personal ones.

Teach WoofJS

Project Based Learning Teaching WoofJS is a wonderful way to allow your students to explore their creativity, take on difficult challenges, and build critical thinking skills. We have a number of projects that your students can begin coding with to familiarize themselves with WoofJS and then you can allow them to work independently.


WoofJS is a Scratch-inspired Javascript library for making games.

WoofJS Documentation

Sprites & Backgrounds ... ...

This.render is not a function? · Issue #536 · stevekrouse/WoofJS

I'm hypothetically and experimentally working on working on some WoofJS, so hopefully we will be able to build upon WoofJS. I love it. Thank you for bringing some thoughts and technical expertise to the issue here. My thoughts are similar to your thoughts and I will troubleshoot this issue one more time on my gaming pc at home the next time I ...

WoofJS/index.html at master · stevekrouse/WoofJS · GitHub

description: "These blocks do not exist in WoofJS. Scratch is first-person programming so if you want one sprite to communicate with another, you need to send messages. However, WoofJS is third-person so you can coordinate things between sprites without them talking to each other. You can use variables to hold \"messages\".",

Freeze inconsistent in every loops · Issue #588 · stevekrouse/WoofJS

Freeze seems to interact oddly with every loops in a way that doesn't happen in forever loops. https://woofjs.com/create.html#hallpell_freezing_exploration is an ...

WoofJS - Product Information, Latest Updates, and Reviews 2023 ...

WoofJS ranked 5th Product of the day for Dec 7, 2016 with 291 upvotes and 13 comments. Dec 7, 2016. Launch. WoofJS. Easy-to-learn JS graphic framework. 477. 15. •. 6 years ago.

WoofJS Alternatives - 2023 | Product Hunt

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Custom images on woofjs.com · Issue #498 · stevekrouse/WoofJS

While we eventually want to make it much easier for students to use external images in Woof (#237), in the meantime we should explain how to do it currently. This could be as simple as some text at...
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