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New X-Men #133 Marvel Comics 12/02

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(Marvel Comics) New X-Men #133 Value. ... View market values for books, store your collection, and meet fellow comic fans!

X men comic books issue 133

Uncanny X-Men #133 Marvel 1980 Claremont & Byrne 1st Solo Wolverine Cover 4.0. $160. Uncanny X-Men #133 CGC 8.5 First Solo Wolverine Cover. $189. Uncanny X-Men #133 CGC 8.5 WHT Hellfire Club 1980. $200. X-Men 133 / CGC 8.0 Blue Label / 1980 Newsstand. $299.

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(Marvel Comics) X-Men #133B Value. Hellfire Club vs Wolverine

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2 Variations of X-Men #137 Loading Variations Additional Issues Issues related to X-Men #137 Loading Variations From the Blog Recent Comic News and Discussions ‘Blade’ Director’s Departure Could Point to Marvel’s Looming Issue Sep 29, 2022 Yet another Marvel movie has lost its director. ...

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The Uncanny X-Men #133 Newsstand Edition Key Issue CGC 7.0 GRADED. $189. Uncanny X-Men #133 CGC 8.5 WHT Hellfire Club 1980. $200. X-Men 133 / CGC 8.0 Blue Label / 1980 Newsstand. $299. The Uncanny X-MEN #133 CGC 8.5 White Pages First solo Wolverine cover- Hellfire. $356. X-MEN #133 CGC 9.4 - NEWSSTAND - 1ST SOLO WOLVERINE STORY - Hellfire Club.

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X-Men #129 comics with a grade of GD 2.0 have had a stable value in the $30-40 range for the last several years. FN 6.0 copies of this comic have seen their price steadily rise to $60 up from $40 a few years before. The highest graded copy of this comic ever to sell was a 9.8 that went for $1,600 in 2019.

Gentlemen of Leisure: X-amining X-Men #133

Writer/Co-Plotter: Chris Claremont. Artist/Co-Plotter: John Byrne. Inker: Terry Austin. Letterer: Tom Orzechowski. Colorist: Glynis Wein. Editor: Jim Salicrup. Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter. Plot. A quartet of Hellfire Club mercenaries are searching the basement to confirm Wolverine's death when he suddenly emerges from the shadows and attacks them.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #133 | Comic Issues | Marvel

The Hellfire goons never stood a chance. And John Byrne's rendition of this scene makes that perfectly clear, almost to the point where you expect Wolvie to leap off the cover and slash you! X-MEN: THE DARK PHOENIX SAGA TPB (Trade Paperback) MARVEL MASTERWORKS: THE UNCANNY X-MEN VOL. 2 HC (Hardcover)
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