5 Ways To Say No To Job Stress!


Ela Lopez | Apr 29th 2022

Job brings stress! If you don't have a job, it's stressful. If you have one, it's stressful again. So, which way to go? Take a deep breath and keep calm. We would be discussing some ideas out there. So, let's know about '5 Ways To Say No To Job Stress!'

Relationship Between Job and Mental Health

Our job is directly linked to our mental health. Not many understand but it's a big hula hoop. Personal life, professional life, and mental stress are all co-passengers of a never-ending journey. That's the reason why people are asked to keep their personal and professional lives apart. It is because stress emerging from one would definitely impact the other one.

Affects Work: Stress in personal lives can impact work performance. And this is the worst we could do to ourselves.

Physical Ability Gets Affected: Stress impacts daily functionality too. Lack of physical strength reduces energy to work.

Limits Productivity: Stress mingling with the personal life limits productivity to think and perform. What is the purpose of showing up at the workplace, sitting with an idle mind, panicking about certain situations, and being unproductive?

Talk About Mental Health

Very very important! Talking about mental health makes it easier for those who need help. A conversation needs to be done from both the ends-

  • A- From the employee's side
  • B- From the employer's side

Employees need to reach out to HR or the concerned person at the workplace. Remember, speaking up solves half of the problems. So, 50% is speaking up and the remaining 50% is doing something about it. If we talk about the organization, they have a major responsibility too. It is important for the organization to welcome mental health talks and make the employees feel comfortable talking about it. They must fix days or specific schedules to have mental health talks or they must hire professional counsellors to do so. Why? Because it is the urgency!

Go For Meaningful Conversations

It is highly important to initiate healthy and meaningful conversations at the workplace. It isn't necessary to talk about work only. But it is important to talk to colleagues regarding some topic that interests them too. Why? Because-
Talking lets out emotions

  • Interesting conversation infuses a feeling of satisfaction
  • Light conversations make the small break-times happy and prepare for better work.

Need To Take Professional Steps!

If the employer wants efficiency, he/she needs to frame professional mental health policies. As discussed above, steps are to be initiated from both ends. But if the office management notices certain symptoms in their employees such as-

  • Lack of efficiency suddenly
  • Slowed speech or movements
  • Negative attitude or sudden behaviour change
  • Change in the attitude
  • Silly mistakes at work
  • Ignoring the important guidelines
  • Staying alone/ being introvert in the whole office
  • Not responding to the regular guidelines due to a lack of attention
  • Joining office late in the morning due to lack of sleep
  • Going late from the office, without any work

then remember to ring the alarm! As a professional set-up, it is important to frame managerial policies which no employee can skip. Only this can safeguard your employees!

5 Ways To Say No To Job Stress!

Dear Readers, now comes the important part for which you were waiting! Below are those 5 tips that can help you be at peace in your job. But one thing- it is only your efforts that can make a difference, nothing else!

#1 Meditation: It is important to meditate in the present times. The whole world is impacted by the Covid-19. Workplaces have also geared up to cover the losses. So, to be able to match up with their expectations, first become mentally strong. For that, meditation is the ultimate rescue plan.

#2 Mental Health Apps: We can't imagine our life without phones. So, why not use them for good? Take help from mental health apps and grab the peace that you want.

#3 Avoid Burnout: This is for the employee and the employer both. While employees should make their willpower strong enough to avoid burnout, an employer can recognize the efforts of their employees and reduce the chances of putting up the pressure!

#4 Write what you feel: Letting out emotions on a piece of paper or diary works the best. It is not a kid's thing at all! If adults practice, it works wonders.

#5 Seek Professional Help: Taking regular sessions with a psychologist or a psychiatrist is no harm. Understand it is for your good only!

Conclusion: Taking Up a Job That Gives No Stress!

Don't confuse yourself with the headline. There is no specific job that promises not to give stress! Remember, anxiety and stress can happen to anyone, anywhere. If anxiety has hit you hard in your job, don't worry. Believe in the fact that 'Nothing is impossible!' You can and you will emerge out of it!

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